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3 Tips To Be Comfortable When Networking

Let’s be honest, if you are reading this blog post, you might not be all that comfortable in networking situations. And that’s okay. It is actually pretty natural. If you are unpracticed, networking can be pretty daunting. Try these tips to make the experience more comfortable. 1) Friends make the best networking partners. I have […]

6 Ways To Make Networking Less Intimidating

One of the things I am softened asked is: “How can I make networking less intimidating?” This past week I actually found myself in a networking situation where I truly felt uncomfortable. And I realized I was not following some of my own advice I like to give about the topic. That led me to […]

Guest Post: Networking – “The Dreaded Word”

The following post was written by my friend and colleague, Suzanne Patrick, Career Services Director at St. Mary’s University school of law in San Antonio, TX. Thank you, Suzanne! Networking can sometimes be a dreaded word for a law student. However, overcoming your fear of networking and doing it properly is the only way you […]

Looking For A Job After School? Use your Resources.

Fair warning that this week’s post is really focused on those looking for a job while they still are in the school (undergrad, law, business, etc.) bubble. The idea for this post came after realizing how many readers are from schools or trade programs, and having many get incredibly nervous about post-school job prospects. I […]