Networking Conversation Starters

I recently had the opportunity to speak to a great group of young professionals about powering their networking. It was a great time. I gave a talk and also had the chance to speak with the audience. I really enjoyed the engagement. One of the questions that was asked after the talk was if I could give some easily repeatable conversation starters for those who sometimes have trouble thinking of what to say. Along those lines I came up with some scenarios and kick starters. I hope you enjoy and can use them. And let me know in comments if you have others.

1) When you see a food table:

“This looks delicious. What are you thinking of trying?”

2) If you are recharging your phone at an outlet or charging station:

“Man I wish these things held their charge longer.”

3) If you see someone who is not speaking to someone yet:

“Wow, big turnout (or “not many folks here yet” – if that is the case). They must have gotten a great event planner.”

4) At the bar:

“What’s on the menu?”

5) If something catches your eye about someone:

“Nice looking coat (or other article of clothing)”

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