Finding Your Opportunities When Networking

So, you have decided what your networking goals are. Now that you know your goals, it’s time to find your opportunities to network.

There are numerous resources I consult thought the day in order to find my next opportunity to network.

1. Internet: I know it seems like a no brainer, but this is the primary source, and the BEST site for me has been when it comes to finding a good networking opportunity when I have nothing on my calendar.

2. Word of Mouth: It’s amazing how frequently I come across networking opportunities by merely keeping my ears to the ground with friends and colleagues.

3. Mailing lists: Joining mailing lists for event mixers or social and business groups is a great way to stay engaged.  Each week I have at least one networking opportunity that is in my inbox that I set an event marker for in my calendar.

Most importably though, ask yourself what are you trying to accomplish.  So much of this goes back to your networking goals. Good luck out there!

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