GOALS! The Key To Expert Networking

I’m frequently asked by attorneys and non-attorneys alike, either:

1) How do I get business; and/or 2) How do I find a job?

Well, being the networking junkie that I am, I always bring it back to finding great opportunities to network. That requires first and foremost, identifying your goal. I’ll use the practice of law as my example. Finding business and finding a job are two different goals, and for each I like to recommend a few different places to mingle and reach your goals.

For an attorney building a law practice I ask: Are you building a real estate practice? Are you building an entertainment practice? Are you building a family law practice?

Here are some great groups to network in based on practice areas. It is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a starting point:

  • Real estate: Real estate investment clubs
  • Family Law: Social organizations such as Junior Leagues and civic organizations, as invariably someone is having marital issues, or knows someone who does.
  • Business Law: Co-working spaces
  • Entertainment Law: Music festival conferences and Film festivals
  • Will and Estates: Church!

Are you looking for mentors or a job? I love networking for the serendipity aspect. You never know what connections will lead to bettering yourself or your business, and may eventually lead to a job. Here are some great organizations to be a part of depending on what job goals you have:

  • Attorney mixers
  • CLEs
  • Rotary clubs
  • Alumni events (undergrad and graduate)

Again, by no means exhaustive, but sometimes a little nudge can help you get started. Do you have some good recommendations? Please share in the comments section.

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