What Makes You Compelling?

More often than not, self doubt is the thing that I find holds people back the most in their efforts to network.  In those cases I like to say: Be You. You’re more compelling than you realize.

What does it mean to be compelling? What is interesting about you?

One thing I find when I compliment someone on one of their qualities is they immediately discount that quality.  Sometimes it is merely a display of humility.  But, more often than not it is insecurity.  Don’t discount your abilities and successes, plenty of other people will do it for you.

What successes have you had? Even small, they are worth noting. In any networking opportunity it is important to stand out.  No, that does not mean be the loudest person in the room.  But it does mean you have to know what you “bring to the party” so to speak.  This is not something you have to mention each time, but this is the thing that gives you the confidence to know you belong.

So, for a quick little exercise, take a piece of paper that you can fold into your wallet or purse, or make a little note in your smartphone.  Write the following:

“Why I’m compelling: _______________________.”  Fill in the blank with an ability or accomplishment you are proud of.  Now, before your networking event, take a look at that line, and walk in with confidence.  That one little glance will give you a little spring in your step and bring forth in your mind something you bring to the table. Try it, it works.

What makes you compelling?

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