When It Comes to Employment, Networking Wins

The Association For Legal Professionals recently released a report regarding employment of member of the Class of 2012 that pays homage to the benefits of networking. Of the graduates who reported, 40.9 % got their job by referral/self-initiated/letters. The numbers the organization looks at stay relatively similar each year, and it’s a testament to how much individual initiative helps people land a job.

The fact that more reported jobs that new graduates received were from connections outside of on campus interviews or job postings reflects similar realities in other job markets. It emphasizes that relationships matter most when it comes to finding a job. Some people like to use the maxim, “90% of jobs are unadvertised.” Frequently, in my professional life there are number of people looking for a job, but often just as many that are looking for good help, but don’t have the time to advertise for it.

So, when in doubt that a job is around the corner, don’t accept defeat, keep shaking hands, building relationships, and networking.


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